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Blockchain Music Alliance is a collective of web3 projects and individuals that leverage blockchain technology to drive innovation in the music industry.

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Blockchain Music Alliance

Our mission is to enable a dialogue between web3 projects in the music ecosystem and support a collaborative approach to building a new music infrastructure on blockchain. BMA provides an open forum for stakeholders to share knowledge and collaborate, discuss the newest music industry trends and technology, organize digital and also IRL meetups for our community, and more. BMA aims to accelerate innovation by advocating innovative technologies (e.g. NFTs, Metaverse, AI, VR, AR etc.) and raising awareness about the opportunities it can bring, encouraging common standards, and establishing best practices for the music industry.

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Members of Blockchain Music Alliance can explore many benefits that come with the membership:


Connect with other music projects and communities across blockchains.


We organize periodical calls and IRL events for all of our BMA members.


Explore opportunities for cooperation, and share know-how or talent.


Gain visibility and both digital and IRL exposure to new audiences.


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Still have questions?

If you still have any questions, you can either contact the BMA team directly or drop us a message on our Discord.

Yes, also web2 projects can join BMA as long as they plan to enter web3 and want to build on a blockchain.

Yes, artists active in music industry are more than welcome to join BMA. Whereas BMA is primarily intended for web3 projects in the music industry on the blockchain, BMA community wants to be in close touch with all the music industry stakeholders including artists and enthusiasts.

Yes, there are no fees to join the BMA community.

BMA intends to raise awareness and accelerate the adoption of technologies in the music industry native to web3 and blockchain i.e. NFTs, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, use cases in metaverse etc.

Yes. Whereas BMA is primarily intended for web3 projects in the music industry on the blockchain, BMA community will also be accepting enthusiasts and builders that are generally interested in the space.

BMA plans to organize opportunities for networking and introduction in a form of digital meetups but also IRL events at the main annual conferences. BMA members discuss the upcoming events in our discord.

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